Star Recording Inc.

Ms. Annabelle Regalado-Borja
Managing Director
2nd Floor ABS-CBN Bldg., Broadcast Center
Mother Ignacia St., Diliman, Quezon City
Tels: 415-2272
Fax : 413-9165 / E-mail:

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Star Recording, Inc. - or simply, Star Records - was a major diversification move in the evolution of ABS-CBN from a broadcast media to a fully integrated entertainment company. After gaining a solid foothold in film production and distribution (Star Cinema) and merchandising (ABS-CBN Licensing), venturing into the music business was an obvious development.

Incorporated in February 1995, Star Records began commercial operations in September of the same year, having signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Sony Music Entertainment, covering the entire country except Metro Manila.

Within a few months, the company managed to set up what has become the largest provincial sales and distribution network, with branches in Cebu, Iloilo, Davao and Cagayan de Oro, complemented by a team of sales representatives for Northern, Central and Southern Luzon.

Like any upstart record company, Star Records had to contend with growing pains and initial obstacles. Since it did not distribute Sony in the Metro Manila area, the company could not gain store space in the major record stores where consignment was the dominant trading arrangement.

From the outset, Star Records had embarked on its own artist and repertoire development, and catalog build up normally takes time. Still, during its first year, Star Records had already signed about a dozen artists, most of whom were so-called "garage acts".

But the biggest problem encountered was in the area of promotions. The record business is traditionally dependent on music-oriented FM radio. Being a subsidiary of broadcast industry leader ABS-CBN, Star Records met stiff, even antagonistic, resistance from its parent media's competitors. For most of that first year therefore, much of the company's energies were spent on bringing down those barriers, and securing airplay outside ABS-CBN's radio network.

In August 1996, Star Records went into licensing into an effort to strengthen its product base and gain entry into the Metro Manila consignment market. First, it signed a 3-year license agreement with a local rock label JML Records, gaining control of its catalog of some 30 album titles. This was followed by license deals with a number of foreign independent labels: Beaver Music (Netherlands), Music of Life (UK) and Rox (Belgium).

Its distribution contract with Sony was renewed in October 1996 and with the addition of about 30 dealerships in Metro Manila to Star's territory, the company finally managed to establish a significant presence in the national capital region.

Meanwhile, the company continued to accelerate artist and repertoire investments. By December, the company's artist roster had grown to some local twenty acts.

Despite its improved presence in the crowded and intensely competitive FM band, Star Records needed more exposure. Thus, arrangements were made with its parent company to allow a shift to a promotions mix of radio and TV as main promotion vehicles. Music videos, despite their prohibitive production costs, as well as TV commercials, became important tools for the company's promotional efforts.

In June 1997, Star Records concluded a distribution and licensing agreement with Rock Records of Taiwan, involving product from about 40 independent European and American labels. Under this deal, albums by named international artists like Depeche Mode, Erasure, Nick Cave, Richard Clayderman and Kenny Rogers have been released, helping to improve Star Records' market profile.

A record company is often judged by the number of hit records it has released. Young as it is, Star has had a number of gold and platinum albums to its credit, namely: "A.T.B.P.", a collection of music and poems for kids, albums by Lindsay Custodio, Jamie Rivera, Jessa Zaragoza, Carol Banawa, Jolina Magdangal and Piolo Pascual. As well as soundtrack albums for Star Cinema's "Flames, The Movie", "Got To Believe" and "Trip", to name a few.

No doubt, Star Records continues to accelerate catalog buildup, aggressively pursuing some of the biggest artists in the local music scene. At the same time, alliances with foreign repertoire owners are being explored, aimed at establishing long-term global linkages.

As the company matures, and as its marketing and A&R teams gain experience, particularly in effectively wielding its competitive advantage as part of the ABS-CBN group of companies, there is no doubt that bigger things are in store for Star Records in the coming years.


Star Records is a full line repertoire-producing company and a leader in the music industry that is at par with the best in the world.


1. To nurture an artist-friendly climate designed to attract the best talents in the country by:

  • adopting policies and terms consistent with the highest standards in Asia
  • upholding its commitments and maintaining professionalism in its business dealings, particularly with artists, composers and licensors

2. To aggressively build up product base by giving more focus on repertoire development in all genres, as well as licensing of foreign product.

3. To consistently identify current and emerging market segments, changing tastes in music, develop the right products and introduce innovative marketing strategies.

4. To diversify and expand business interests in digital recording technology, music publishing, record distribution and retailing.

5. To tap overseas Filipino markets through licensing agreements with affiliates and others.

6. To continuously ensure that the organization and its people are aligned with planned strategic business expansion and/or diversification.

7. To establish a "partner relationship" with suppliers for better cost efficiency.



  • Credibility
  • Fairness
  • Commitment


  • Entrepreneurship
  • World-Class standards
  • Professionalism


  • Innovation
  • Proactivity
  • Empowerment
  • Decisiveness

People Orientation

  • People development
  • Recognition and reward on performance


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